Rise of the rest, fall of the west

We may not always see it, but the movement is alive and strong. It is present in the hearts and minds of people today. It is nurtured by the spirit of our ancestors and fueled by our hopes for the coming generations. Every day we take steps forward, by trying our best to do what’s right. We don’t always see the immediate result of those little steps. But the accumulation of those steps creates impact. We need to recognize those steps and celebrate the impact. Even if it is followed by another setback. There is no point of return, the sun is rising. This activity encourages you to celebrate moments of victory.

Watch the following segment from The Uprising

Learning objective

You’re able to identify elements of progress in a social movement.


Think of a social justice campaign that inspired you and post about an important achievement that has been accomplished in this specific campaign. Share your reflections based on the following questions:

  • What was done or said that was considered an accomplishment?
  • How did this achievement make you feel?
  • To what extent did this achievement strengthen your confidence in the struggle?