Legacies of resistance

If we want to empower our communities, one simple way to move forward is by celebrating role models – people who look like us, who come from the communities we come from and who offer a reflection of our experiences. In a society that ignores contributions of colonized people, it is even more important to celebrate these lives and stories. Not just as an affirmation of our strength and persistence but as a form of gratitude, a way to acknowledge the sacrifices they made for our advancement and liberation. This activity encourages you to celebrate historical figures of resistance.

Watch the following segment from The Uprising

Learning objective

You’re able to recognize contributions by historical figures of resistance.


Post about a historical figure of resistance who has inspired you. Don’t be afraid to get creative for this activity!¬†Share your reflections based on the following questions:

  • What makes this figure so inspiring according to you?
  • If you had the chance to talk to this figure, what would you like to ask?
  • How has this figure contributed to the advancement of their community?