Protection cultural legacy

In the colonial project the colonizer attempted to strip the colonized peope of their identity and culture and imposed western values and ideas on them. Maintaining one’s own identity and culture was considered an act of resistance. This activity encourages you to reflect on your own identity development, and ask to what extent you have been able to maintain the cultural legacy of your ancestors and to what extent you felt you had to conform to western norms in order to succeed in life.

Watch the following segment from The Uprising

Learning objective

You’re able to recognize how your identity has been affected by colonial legacy.


Post a visual of your cultural identity and the aspects that are most important to you. Share your reflections based on the following questions:

  • How do you identify in terms of race, religion, culture, language?
  • What elements of your parents’ identity were passed on to you?
  • What elements of your parents’ identity were lost with your generation?