In between production and recording of the upcoming musical documentary I decided to release a new single in celebration of my love’s birthday on November 18th. To honor another year together with him and many more years to come. This song is about that moment you know you found your significant other, the one you want to grow old with.

Grow old

Verse 1

Before we met

My life lens was grey

And rainbows only mattered in summer

But then you stepped

Into my life one day

And everything just turned into color


Verse 2

I heard so many rhythms

But I never caught the right groove

Looking for somewhere to fit in

Finally found my reflection in you




The search is finally over


How sweet it is to grow old with you


Verse 3

I always had great examples to follow

But never with someone to share

Two souls intertwined

Strengthening each other

Until mortality arrives





And I don’t wanna waste a moment

I just wanna spend it with you

All of my life

I’ve been searching for this magic

Now I’m never letting go



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