In this episode Pravini discusses how cosmetics brand Rituals is appropriating the Hindu spring festival Holi: “What if a cosmetics brand launched a new product line called “The Ritual of Ramadan” and then claimed it has nothing to do with religion? Anyone with a culturally conscious mind would consider it disrespectful, yet this is what’s currently happening with the Hindu spring celebration. Up until now Holi was appropriated by Euopean summer festival organizers, transforming a spiritual spring celebration into a summer dance festival. Now this idea of Holi as a brand has led to cosmetics brand Rituals to market their new product line as ” The Ritual of Holi”, turning bath bombs and shower gels into Holi products. In their marketing strategy they deny the religious foundation Holi is based on and promote is solely as a ” Holi awesome” product line. In my latest vlog I discuss how problematic this is and why we need to stand up against it. Support Holi is geen House party and join the fight against cultural appropriation of Holi.”

8 thoughts on “Making a Musical Documentary: Episode 17 – The ritual of appropriating Holi”

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