On November 23rd, Pravini introduced the audience to new music in a showcase that combined empowerment and education through art. With her performance lecture on Art of the Oppressed at Studio/K in Amsterdam, she shared how artists of color use art to contribute to social change: “This past week was rough. We had to deal with white supremacists blocking the highway to prevent anti-blackface protesters from exercising their right to protest. Despite the fact that these road blockers committed a crime and put people’s lives in danger to protect a racist stereotype they were not arrested or fined at that moment. We had to deal with the news that the public prosecutor considers the police men who killed an unarmed black man, Mitch Henriquez, guilty, but demand no punishment, penalty or jailtime. It’s tough but not suprising considering the colonial legacy and the way the system works. But it’s hard not to be mad all the time and it requires strength and perseverance to stay positive and hopeful. My way of dealing with it all is through music. It’s a metaphor for the force of the resistance and the power of the people. I hope the music gives us strength to stay strong, stick together and move forward.”

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