July 18th 2016

Show dates announced for the London Tour

Check out Pravini’s show dates for the London Tour 2016!

June 29th 2016

Pravini at Power Profiles: The Messenger

Pravini collaborated with Power Profiles, a visual concept to empower people by assigning them with superpowers based on their talents and goals: “Since I love superheroes and their superpowers I love Power Profiles! My good friend Luis Lingstyling came up with this concept and assigned me with the superpower of Psychoacoustics. With this power I can mentally create sounds that influence people’s sensory experience. It comes from the bindiya on my forehead and increases awareness, empathy and understanding and serves my goal to achieve social justice. My superheroine alias is The Messenger!”

June 19th 2016

Pravini Live at TivoliVredenburg

On June 18th, Pravini performed at the Open Rabo Stage in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht and decided on a special dress code: “We love superheroes, so Jayant suggested to rock our superheroes shirts for this gig. We’ve never done this kind of dress code before but I am diggin’ it!”

May 30th 2016

Pravini Live at Cafe Vlaanderen

After winning the finals of the open mic night at Cafe Vlaanderen last year, Pravini returned to the stage last night as feature artist: “Last year we played at Cafe Vlaanderen with a whole lotta nerves as finalists. Last night we played there again as the winner of 2015 with a whole lotta fun and energy!”

May 27th 2016

Sneak peek photoshoot

Check out this sneak preview of Pravini’s new photo series! “When I was in Marrakech a while back I got this beautiful caftan that was waiting to be worn. A few months ago I found the perfect opportunity with the photoshoot for my music. Thanks AshVin Ghisyawan for this killer shot!”

May 8th 2016

Pravini Live at FysioDomstad

On May 7th, Pravini performed at the opening of FysioDomstad in Utrecht: “It was a pleasure contributing to this milestone of FysioDomstad. It was the first time I performed in a physical therapy center, but it was very inspiring to perform in a setting that encourages physical health and support.”

March 20th 2016

Acoustic Video of Armed & Sexy

Pravini has recorded an acoustic version of Armed & Sexy: “Yesterday the guys and I recorded an acoustic performance of Armed & Sexy for Giels Talentenjacht (talent competition). Check out the video and if you dig it, click on thumbs up to support us, you know we appreciate it!”

March 18th 2016

Pravini Live at Paard Café

On March 17th Paard Café hosted the Versafdeling showcase featuring the Danella Smith Band, Sára Hélène and Pravini: “I loved the female power we were able to showcase last night and the audience who sang and danced along with us. Thanks Haags Pop Centrum for having us!”

February 29th 2016

Pravini Live at Podium De Vorstin

After an amplified on saturday, Pravini returned to Podium De Vorstin on sunday February 28th for an acoustic show: “Great way to spend my weekend making music at Podium De Vorstin! :) “

February 28th 2016

Pravini Live at Plug ‘n Play

On February 27th Pravini played at Podium De Vorstin at the Plug ‘n Play showcase: “Played at Podium De Vorstin before, but always an acoustic set. Last night we were able to treat the audience to an amplified show at the Plug ‘n Play showcase, good times!”